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About Simply Hearing Software


Specifically designed for the Hearing Healthcare Industry

About Simply Hearing Software

Complete and comprehensive solution.

Simply Hearing Software has established itself as the choice for hearing care professionals looking for a complete office management solution that is easy to implement and simple to use.

Our customers range from single location operations to large organizations of more than 100 locations. With installs in ten countries across four continents, the solution has proven to easily adapt to different business rules. Simply Hearing OMS is proven to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Client Satisfaction
  • Increase Revenue


The Hearing Healthcare Industry has changed dramatically in recent years

And will undoubtedly continue to grow and change for many more years to come. As the industry becomes broader and more complex, relying on old ways of doing business will simply no longer be acceptable. In fact given the highly competitive climate of today's market, the efficiency, accuracy and speed of each and every transaction is crucial to maintaining client relationships and a healthy bottom line.



Lets face it, no matter what the size of your business, you cant afford to lose clients to errors or glitches.

Make every transaction a smooth one, and you have everything to gain. At Simply Hearing Software we believe that the Hearing Healthcare Industry has a need to move forward. Business operations can be handled better and profits can improve. Simply Hearing OMS was designed to address these needs.



The technology behind the software gives it unbeatable flexibility,

stability and scalability while being able to run on multiple platforms dependant on the needs and size of your business. As your partner in success, Simply Hearing Software is ready to revolutionize your business with a comprehensive system that will fit seamlessly into your operation while making it stronger, more efficient and better than ever before.